Go Boxless. Go Green


At Sally’s® cereals, we’re committed to producing high quality cereals in a way that minimizes environmental impacts and sustains natural resources for the future. We’re always finding new ways to reduce waste and improve energy, water and material efficiencies in our production processes.

We support renewable energy development by purchasing wind energy credits** to offset 100% of the electricity consumed in the manufacturing of our cereals. In addition, every Sally’s ready-to-eat cereal is packaged in a bag without a box leaving you with 75% less consumer packaging to recycle or dispose of than comparably-sized bag-in-box cereals.*

Want to take it one step further? Sally’s and Terracycle® have partnered to turn cereal bags into useful products and support schools in the process. For every Sally’s bag that is collected by Sally’s Cereal Bag Brigade, Terracycle and Sally’s will contribute $.02 to the designated charity or school of the Brigade’s choice. For more information about forming or finding a Brigade, please visit www.Terracycle.ca.

Visit BagTheBox.com to learn more about our sustainability efforts in the United States.